Chlorgeschecht // Ort: Kulturverein Kapu // Titel: Release that Linz Feeling

Chlorgeschecht was formed in San Francisco in 1999 by Johannes Malfatti and Alex Kloster (ger) (Transformer di Roboter) and Olivier Alary (fr) (Ensemble / Danzen Jetzt / Cheap Thrill) and has since been based in Londons East End. Olivier left the band, after being fed up with living in several cubicles in London. But like any healthy worm, Chlorgeschlecht has the ability to survive, even when cut in half, and can easily play shows as a duo. Johannes and Alex moved back to Berlin, where they are originally from. Chlorgeschlecht likes to collaborate with other artists while doing tracks as well as during live shows and has repeatedly done so with Richard Thomas aka Hairy Butter or Joseph Fraoli aka Datach¹i. Unyoga (Deco) is the the first Chlorgeschlecht release to exceed 18 minutes. Unyoga is a good indication of the Chlorgeschlecht output between 2000 and 2001. Chlorgeschlecht likes to process field recordings of crack-dealing pimps and hustling whores in the Mission in S.F., as well as samples of semi-known grind core bands.

Chlorgeschlecht have been awarded of the ‘HONORARY MENTION’ in the ‘PRIX ARS ELECTRONICA 2004 -Digital Music-for their acid album ‘Unyoga’ released on deco.



Pino Friedrich Ammer
Renate Bauer
Nora Dejaco / David Punz
Wolfgang Fadi Dorninger
Jorn Ebner
Paul Eckschlager
Johanna, Michael und Bastian Enzenhofer /
Lucia Karning

Aldo Ernstbrunner
Benjamin Gibert
Katharina Gruzei / Margaret Noble
John Gürtler / Özgür Akgül
Herbert Gutauer
Hans le trou
EHEIM 1000.220
Christine Hinterkörner / Michael Hornek
Torsten Knoll
Ingo Leindecker
Wolfram Leitner
Meng-Chia Lin
Michael Johannes Muik
David Punz
Sebastian Six
Johannes Steininger
Sebastian Wasner
Dan Wilcox / Tim Devine
Sofya Yuditskaya
Andre Zogholy
Robert Zopf