Robert Zopf
// Ort: Bushaltestelle Harruckerstraße // Titel: Moo & der Wächter
// Ort: Hessenplatz // Titel: At the Hessenplatz
// Ort: Tummelplatz // Titel: Elegant elephants in your soundgarden
Wolfgang Dorninger BIRTH NAME: Rawbird
BIRTH PLACE: Original Motown Studios
AGE: Unknown
CURRENT RESIDENCY: Every Banging Detroit like sounding track at 125 bpm
Professional Occupation: Sound – Maker

Rawbird is an entity only seen, felt and experienced by musicians with a highly developed 6th Sense. His body is the Spirit of Motown. He was channeled into being in the original Motown Studios during the recording sessions of Marvin Gaye’s epic “What’s Going On?” record. His Spiritual body grew stronger with every song recorded at the studio thereafter until it could no longer be contained by the studio’s four walls. To this day Rawbird roams the world and possesses the bodies and instruments of highly developed musicians breathing the Motown Spirit into their compositions.

Motown Sorcery. When conjured Rawbird breathes Soul into drum patterns and harmonies. His powers peak at 125 bpms. He has tendency to give a slight lag to snares giving beats a very specific stutter. When possessed by Rawbird, musicians tend to engage in abstract conversations and serve up endless practical jokes.

Mission Statement: Save the world from the Soulless.






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